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One post says to stop writing if you have something else you’re more passionate about doing. Lord knows I do. I want to watch television and drink. It won’t be easy. I have to get a TV.

- Cathy Douglas


Love it! You should click here and read the post.


M.C. Escher v. MC Hammer

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Though they were both well known for knocking out hard hitting rhymes and dancing madly in harem pants, there is no question that M.C. Escher will always triumph over MC Hammer.

Firstly, M.C. Escher can hypnotise you from beyond the grave via a self portrait, whereas MC Hammer isn’t even dead yet.


He has a wider range of costumes …


He favours neither up nor down …


And he keeps it real …


Though you can’t touch this …


He wins by a knock out!


If you ever get a chance to go there, I can confirm the Escher museum in The Hague is geek heaven, with guaranteed flashbacks to Mr. Claxton’s maths class. And that is the end of that.



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Talentless, I am surrounded by skilful musicians, all of whom I hate deeply. (Is it a character flaw that my two greatest motivations are avoiding embarrassment, and jealousy?)

Here are Yetis with ‘Dangerous’, and our nephew Tom, a lovely boy, is the drummer with his eyes stuck shut. (I’m sure there is ointment you can get for that.)


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